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To keep people riding.

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Increase your visibility, increase your customer base.

We have customers looking for expert repair shops like yours to get their bike serviced. But how do riders choose where to go? Join our network of high end bike repair shops!

The idea

We think local bike shops are the future when it comes to repair.

We believe in our vision "To keep people riding". Bikeshops have a long tradition in bringing this vision to life. The internet changed some rules in the industry. We want to make sure the local bike shop is a rule changer when it comes to local bike repair.

No risk but fun

No fees, no payments, no contract.

We mean it. Bike shops and technical service providers will be listed for free. There is no transactional fee and no hidden cost. How do you get paid? By the customer, in your shop right then and there.

A class of its own

Join Now.

Our cooperation partners are the best local bike shops, and technical service providers. Take advantage and become one of the exclusive partners in your area.

"Retail seems to be changing quickly. The key is to be flexible and embrace supporting customers the way they want to be supported. I signed up with because I believe that it gives us a chance to reach a lot of customers we would never see otherwise. We'll profit from the transaction, but most importantly we'll be generating new contacts that can become lifetime customers."
Mike Olson, Owner
Trek Bicycle Superstore and Bike Gallery

“I believe that promises to provide a fresh source of customers, at no expense to the shop. This seems like a great way for Hazard’s Cyclesport, one of California’s oldest continuously operating bike shops to keep up with changing market conditions. If we’ve learned one thing in the past 103 years, it’s that change is the only constant in business.”
Bruce Davis
Hazard’s Cyclesport

All benefits

• Increase your customer base
• Increase your revenue
• Receive new customers
• Upselling opportunity
• Free for bike repair shops
• Exclusive network